Chef Tan on Food Safari Water showcasing our Fish Head Curry.

Makan by Chef Tan will take your taste buds back to the bustling streets of Malaysia.

From street food favourites like Hainanese Chicken Rice and Nasi Lemak to our signature Golden Sand Prawn, this slice of Malaysia brings honest and soul-warming Malaysian cuisine to Sydney diners.

Our menu embraces the best of hawker-style and hard-to-find regional dishes by sourcing the best Malaysian produce available combined with premium local ingredients.

Whether you're looking for the taste of home or the taste of an adventure, sample Makan by Chef Tan to experience the true flavours of Malaysia each and every time!

Fish Head Curry

In this legendary mix of South Indian curry and the Chinese ingredient of fish head, we offer to you one of the best curries that you will ever taste. Using fresh Australian cod, okra, beans and eggplant and served in a claypot, it demands to be paired with jasmine rice to soak up the fragrant creamy curry goodness.

Angel-Hair Prawn

Have a guess at how this dish gets its name? This dish is uniquely Malaysian - it totally captures the essence of Chinese, Indian and Malay cooking resulting in a knockout prawn dish that is topped with fragrant curry leaves and the crispy buttery egg floss - what's not to love?

About Chef Tan

Chef Tan brings over 50 years of culinary experience to Makan by Chef Tan and passionately believes in serving uncompromisingly authentic and true taste of Malaysia into every dish.